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The High Price of Business Interruption Requires New Response Modalities
Restoration Is the Most Critical Factor in Reducing Incident Costs

January 24, 2022

Today’s cyberattacks, particularly ransomware, have been designed to cause maximum destruction to the organization; downtime is the costliest aspect of the attack, averaging between $100k and $1M for most organizations. Yet, too often, restoration experts are not engaged until it’s far too late for them to recommend strategies to reduce business disruption and its associated damage. Today’s restoration experts are highly skilled in leading tools deployment, recovery strategies, and reducing the damage done by attacks—when engaged early.

This white paper explores a new, collaborative incident response paradigm where restoration teams are engaged immediately following a breach, working together with forensics teams, corporate IT, breach counsel, and cyber insurers to reduce business interruption by up to 50%. The paper further explores barriers to the new model and meaningful ways the industry, carriers, and security professionals can overcome them to benefit organizations and the industry as a whole.

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