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Ransomware Is Cyber-Terrorism.
Solution: Our Army of Battle-Tested Data Recovery Specialists.


… Because downtime is costly, get an ARMY to speed it up.


We’re the Talk of the Tech Town

Organizations need effective detection and response across the network, endpoint, and cloud, but managing today’s threats effectively is a massive undertaking,” said Tom Barsi, vice president, Worldwide Cortex Ecosystem at Palo Alto Networks. “Fenix24’s Rapid Response service powered by Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR will give customers peace of mind that their systems will be quickly and efficiently back up and running in the event of a ransomware attack.


CrowdStrike has partnered with Conversant on multiple engagements to support a common customer. On all of these projects the Conversant team has been fantastic in both ensuring the client was quickly up and operational and that their security posture was greatly improved.


In a time of stress and when stakes are high, you need calm, talented, and efficient operators. Having worked with a number of companies in this space, I can say Conversant hits the mark on all counts.


When we are leading a breach response, time matters. That’s why we choose Converstant to assist with Disaster Recovery. When they are involved, everything goes faster from the initial deployment of forensics tools to getting the company back online.


Rapid Post-Breach Action

Terrorist attacks happen – and when they do, the battle-tested Commanders at Fenix24 get your company to recovery status as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Fenix24 is the industry-leading Disaster Recovery and Restoration service. We’ve been recognized by industry leaders in the Incident Response space. When your company is under attack, it’s the worst day of your career. Jobs are at stake – as is your company’s reputation. That’s why our special-ops teams work hand in glove with you, your forensics team, and your breach counselor to ensure the fastest response, leading to the full restoration of critical infrastructure, data, and systems.


Cyber-terrorists don’t take a break. Neither do we.


Time is of the essence. Your business starts leaking money the moment threat actors execute a successful attack. If we are engaged quickly enough, we can sometimes even change their attack strategy. Our Fenix24 Army is on-call, waiting for their orders to engage with the enemy and get your business up and running as soon as possible.


Our Logistics Commanders will get involved immediately. We identify key infrastructure systems, lockdown access, and lead forensics capture in partnership with your forensics partner, all while working under the direction of your breach counselor.


We integrate within your team.

  • Synergy is at the heart of what we do. Together with your in-house technical team, Fenix24 gets to work quickly, engaging your team to ensure all available resources are executing the most timely and effective resolution.
  • Our dedicated Technical Captains and Logistics Commanders will give you regular progress updates, so you stay in the know.

Thanks to our partnerships with CrowdStrike and Palo Alto Networks, our special-ops cells don’t have to start from scratch when trying to rebuild your company’s infrastructure. We use their powerful protection, insights, and monitoring services so that we can respond with laser focus. What does that mean for you as a business owner? It means less downtime. Often as much as 50% less as compared to doing a full rebuild.

Less downtime equals more money saved. It means mitigating the potential of employees losing their jobs. The ability of our disaster restoration special ops teams to work quickly impacts not only your business but also your employees, your customers, your reputation, and your future.


When your systems are under siege, Fenix24 is your tactical response.

Fenix24 achieves restoration 53% – 57% faster. Faster recovery equals more money saved.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) partners, and breach counselors, we keep an open line of communication with key executives and we will work with your team to ensure the fastest recovery possible.

Post-breach, Fenix24 leaves you with a better understanding of your own environment that your team can use in the future “We help” you move quickly to raise your defenses and remediate your vulnerabilities with the help of our sister company, Conversant Group, and our outside partners, including Palo Alto Networks and CrowdStrike.

Battle-tested    Tenacity    Speed    Partnerships  

Battle-tested    Tenacity    Speed    Partnerships  

Battle-tested    Tenacity    Speed    Partnerships  

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